Swedish Olympic Athlete or Ikea Furniture? Sochi 2014 Edition: Round One

Things amb doesn’t like: leaving sunshine behind for cold and snow

Things amb likes: coming home to record-breaking Canadian Olympic performances

Things amb likes even more: coming home to all of you!

Hi guys! I’m home from vacation and settled back in to the pocket-sized place. I’ve missed you! How did things go for you last week? Catch me up in the Comments; I want to hear all about it! Speaking of hearing all about it, I have so much to tell you about my trip! But we’ll get to that tomorrow. Right now we have to address a certain little sporting event that’s taking place over the next 12 days.

The 2014 Winter Olympics are here !!!

Apologizing for winning 3 gold medals in 3 days is so Canadian of me, eh?

Apologizing for winning 3 gold medals in 3 days is so Canadian of me, eh?

Oh, you guys, I love the Olympics the way I love Friends quotes and science fiction television shows and Dave: with my inner geek showing. And a lot of exclamation marks. Waking up to subzero temperatures after spending a week by the pool is so much better when you can cry tears of joy with Charles Hamelin in your pajamas !!!

And the fun continued in the afternoon, when I watched the men’s freestyle moguls online in Corporate World. I didn’t even try to pretend to be a grownup when Alex Bilodeau made Olympic history to become the first man to ever win back to back gold medals in freestyle skiing !!!

I was a hot mess, and happy about it.

And now you can be too! During the 2012 Summer Olympics, we celebrated here at Words Become Superfluous with a game! (Of course we did). And I’m so excited to announce that we’re doing it again! (Of course we are). It’s time for Round One of:

Swedish Olympic Athlete or Ikea Furniture? Sochi 2014 Edition

How to Play:

All you have to do is decide if each of the names listed below belong to an athlete… or some other object. You can fill out the form as many times as you like, and your latest entry will be considered your final one.

Don’t forget to include your name, because our games will continue over the next 12 days and we’ll be celebrating the winners with Superfluous Olympic Closing Ceremonies on February 24th. (Of course we will!)

Good luck, and I’ll see you here tomorrow for a special Vacation Edition of Wordful Wednesday!

love amb

19 thoughts on “Swedish Olympic Athlete or Ikea Furniture? Sochi 2014 Edition: Round One

  1. welcome back and yay, Canada πŸ˜€ Am happy to play, but disqualify me from any awards ceremony as I am a Cheater and will use google to find all of my answers. Totally want some of that vodka!

    • Thanks Liz! It is definitely good to be back! Unplugging from things is all well and good, but I missed hanging out in our little corner of the internet πŸ™‚ Have to check out your place next and see what I missed!

      Duly noted about the Google. There will be some games later on where it’s allowed though, so you can play along with those πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been watching the Olympics like it’s my job, I’m all over this.

    Food talk making me hungry and I don’t even have any lucky charms.

    • Thanks Liz! Glad you liked the game – I had waaaay too much fun putting it together. And you just know we’ll continue with the festivities over the next 12 days πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Fannie! All this snow doesn’t seem so cold with such a warm welcome πŸ˜€ And I’m glad you liked the game! We’ll be playing it again soon (what a surprise, right?!)

  3. It’s curious how my interest in the games has shifted over the years. I went from not understanding as a kid (but wanting the winter and summer Olympics Atari games)…to crushing on female athletes in my senior year of high school…to not caring about anything other than opening/closing ceremonies a few years back…to now getting sucked into more events even if I don’t really care what country wins. [In other words, I am back to caring more about the female contingent of athletes:P hehe]

    I am a lil irked or nauseous hearing how so many competitors are from the USA or trained in the USA and are representing other countries. Some guy from New York and his Italian wife representing some African? nation for which he did charity work. It’s like buying a ticket to the games. No longer are these pure representations of nations. The games are far more political and economical…which is discouraging.

    So, I turn my focus to the witty commentary of Bob Costas, the female athletes and the usual artistry. [I had to laugh and ponder a bit when the snowflake rings did not go as planned (though the Russian audience saw the practice footage). And, are suits made of lights safe to wear without radiation concerns? The true champs might be the dancers that have to stand along the paths to each country’s standing area (as I have said in previous years).] I think this year is the first I’ve given a crap about snowboarding. That “preview” event of “style” was refreshing…though I am still a lingering skeptic and think the judges might be “rigged” a bit. The commentators said the judging would be close for the last guy to go (Max)…and, instead, he ended up either fourth or lower. And, there was no further comment. Hmm. They sure played up that Sage guy like Shawn White, though.

    • There are elements of certain sports that I find frustrating too (figure skating judges, I’m looking at you) but I’m glad you’re able to find things to enjoy about the games WB!

      • Yes, because you are tired of my negatives and critiques. Right?:P

        I just hope the games get better and not worse. Pray they are not swept away by APPs and other tech nonsense that is unnecessary lest they turn into more Candy Crutch and lose their original spirit and purpose. Oop, there I go, again.

        I try not to pay too much attention to the judges…but they are responsible for the results of the games. So…what does one do? What sense is there to watch people compete, root for the ones you like and believe have won…and then watch as the judges craft their own results for profit or some other benefit we don’t necessarily grasp? I’ll give you three golds in skiing if you give my country gold in ice dancing…deal. Whatever. If it gets worse, I’ll just tune out and let the ratings drop. I have the power!! πŸ˜› I bring the rain and fog. I tell the snow where to stick! Mwahaha!

  4. I’m not proud of how unsure I was on every one of those questions. How very American of me. πŸ˜‰

    So glad you’re back, but truly sorry you had to leave the pool and balmy temps!


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