A Very unSuperfluous Update

You guys!! Sara and I have been hacked!!!

And we’re all flibbertigibbity about it.

I’m still working my way through Dave’s brilliant and hilarious counter-attacks (start here if you haven’t been over to BoFN already) but I’ll be back later today with my response (and quite possibly marriage proposal number three, who are we kidding).

Stay tuned, Wonderfuls!

UPDATE: Not that it’s really possible to compete with such greatness, but I’ve posted my response.

I can only hope that Dave doesn’t have anything else up his sleeve, because one response is about all I’ll be able to handle for a while! It’s going to take some time for me to recover from the events of today … and yes, that’s a good thing.

love amb

25 thoughts on “A Very unSuperfluous Update

    • LOL! I know, right?!? This went above and beyond anything I was expecting. I’m going to have to do some serious planning, here … 😉

  1. All is not lost, amb! You have some options here. At least three.

    You could do the traditional white flag.

    You could cry “Uncle.”

    Or you could say “I surrender!” like that kid in Empire of the Sun.

    • I know, I know, you’re on Dave’s team. I understand that you boys have to stick together. And that’s just fine.

      But honey, if you think that my response is going to contain anything that even resembles a white flag … well then you just haven’t been paying attention 😉

  2. I’m just doing what I can to goad you both to extremes!

    As for taking sides, well, sometimes a man has to decide. And sometimes the choice is between this:

    And this:

    • Aragorn!!! That very rare Imaginary Boyfriend who gets more appealing the less he showers and shaves. *swoon*.

      This cracked me the heck up. We’re going to have to come up with some sort of “multimedia consultant” title for you around here.

      • Diddy! This is all too perfect–you are so the Yoo Toob Master. Yes to multimedia consultant and another yes to cracking me the heck up.

        Slightly unrelated (but not really), I’m in if you’re ever up for that joint post amb mentioned. It’s harmless, really, because amb is so good at what she does. She could give us a general outline and we could go from there, completely obliterating her outline or going with it exactly or something in between. What with your leanings toward the dark side and mine toward the light–we’re good at this crime-fighting stuff (though we haven’t really jointly fought any evil villains yet,). I’m in if you are. (no pressure, though, really. It’s not like I need something else to do 😉 )

        You’re really shining here wdydfae.

      • I want this guest post to happen SO BADLY !!!

        (Liz, maybe Diddy will agree to do it if the request comes from his team leader …)

      • I’m up for it in principle, but as a practical/logistical matter, maybe not for a week or two. I got sthg. coming up. You BoFN folks are a deadly distraction! (But a huge amount of fun.)

      • Then that means I get to impose a condition! You have to promise to read Northanger Abbey and devote a post to a Dave/Henry comparative analysis.

        I know it’s an unever division of labor, but it’s for your own good.

      • You’re in luck. I woke up this morning with a wicked sore throat (I blame Shutterbug Sis, who wasn’t feeling well at the end of our night out earlier this week) so it’s going to be a quiet weekend for me. Some Austenean reading might be just what the doctor ordered! I’ll keep you posted.

      • That’s really too bad about the sore throat! Can’t Dave do something? He’s a medical student, fer cryin’ out loud.

        Wish there was a better reason to get to Northanger Abbey. I was actually having misgivings about the presumptuousness of that request, though I’m also looking forward to your assessment. Pride and Prejudice is my 2nd favorite Austen novel, but occassionally NA crawls up out of 3rd place to challenge it, and sometimes they’re neck and neck.

      • I know, right?! Such are the challenges one faces when the object of one’s affection lives in another country. Makes it tough for me to ask him to bring me some of my favourite lemongrass soup.

        As for being presumptuous – pfft. I’m presumptuous all the time around here. It looks like this “hey Dave, you’ll write me a guest post while you’re in the middle of classes, right?” and “Hey Liz, let’s write our own BoFN post when we’re not on the schedule. People will love it, right?” and it always works out just fine 🙂

        So p&p is 2nd, na is 3rd, and first is … wait, I think you’ve told me this … Sense and Sensibility?

      • LOL!! That *was* a Zoolander reference! I was *supposed* to get it and missed it – I blame the cold medication. Well played on your part, though 🙂

    • So I’m learning! 😉

      If you have time today, you should definitely check out the BoFN post and then follow the links back here. They’re hilarious – I should have known Dave had been a little *too* quiet during the week this week!

      • Dave not only strategized brilliantly, but those “Hey Girl” messages were hilarious. He nailed all the Friends characters perfectly. I have to say, though, except for the friends folks, I don’t know who most of the other people are.

      • I know! I’m so impressed.

        The other folks are all either my Imaginary Boyfriends or members of the cast of “Community”. He got all of their personalities right, too.

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