Spending a Morning with Some Night Owls

Good morning, and welcome to our penultimate episode of the first ever Davember challenge! Before we get to the very important business of me securing my victory over Dave, I have a message for you from Shutterbug Sis:

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes everyone! I’m really touched.

She really is – and so am I! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you guys are the best blog readers in the history of blog readers. Thank you for continually being such a warm and welcoming bunch. It means more then you know.

As a small token of my appreciation, and a not so subtle reminder of my awesomeness as we enter into the home stretch of this friendly little competition, I have something for you.

Specifically, I have something for Bonnie, Deb, and Liz: my three (out of four) favourite night owls. Yesterday we had a very lively and energetic discussion about our collective lack of sleep, and I joked that we ought to have t-shirts made up. Now, Deb is my team captain and Bonnie is one of my most trusted allies, and even though Liz claims she’s not taking sides, we all know that I’m her favourite. (Right Liz? Right?!?) So in honour of these lovely ladies, it is my pleasure to present:

Some More Awesome Imaginary Team Amber Swag – The Sleepless Edition

Yes, I made you t-shirts. Yes, I had way too much fun doing it. Yes, these will look fabulous on you ladies! (And anyone else who wants one – you’ll look fabulous too. That’s just how we roll around here).

cute owl tshirt

Thank you to Yullia Brykova at behance.com for the adorable owl images!

Now, I know we had talked about reviewing “Austenland” today, but I have to be honest, after all of the conviviality of birthday celebrations (you guys, there was So. Much. Food.) and late night owl-ish-ness, I’m not really up for an articulate, in-depth discussion of the literary conventions of romance and the influence Jane Austen’s work continues to have on depictions of idealized love in a primarily patriarchal society.

We’ll get into that next week, shall we?

Instead, I’ll close out today with a question: you’ve already figured out who my fourth favourite night owl is, right? I mean, I love the man, but his sleep schedules are ridiculous. Don’t worry Dave, I don’t expect you to wear a pink t-shirt … your present arrives tomorrow. xo.

love amb


Courtesy of Dave

Courtesy of Dave

38 thoughts on “Spending a Morning with Some Night Owls

    • The girls wanted a bright colour that they could see in the dark, so I went with pink. But they can of course be customized to your own colour specifications! What did you have in mind? Purple and gold? Or something a little more manly? 😉

  1. Really cute shirts! I love the owls. Sadly, I don’t think I’m as tough as you are. For me, sleep is definitely not superfluous. It’s a necessity. In fact, I just posted a love letter to sleep on my page. . .

    • Oooh, did you? Most excellent, I’ll be off to check that out shortly.

      I love sleep too, Princess – I have to admit I’m a night owl by bad habit more than anything else!! I love having the pocket sized place to myself, but with no one here to tell me to “get off the internet and get some sleep!” I’m afraid that I stay up past my bedtime more often then I should ….

  2. Thank, amb!!! Those are hot AND cute and I love them. Adorable owls. And yes, it fits perfectly 🙂 I’m honored to be a part of such a sleepless group and I look forward to many more late-night conversations. I had snacks and you had suggested lots of caffeine and chocolate–excellent idea. Popcorn, too and will absolutely pick up a bag of Reese’s Pieces for your batch. AND I have pink eggs over at food for fun. ! So. much. fun.

    Glad that Mimi is joining us (you look great in the shirt, too, Mimi) and looking forward to seeing who else we can pick up. Does Fannie stay up late, do you think? And I wish Princess could come as she posts pink movie clips in comment sections 🙂 Oh, and boys (ahem, men) are welcome, too, right?

    Topic switch: Your non-review of Austenland and Jane Austen is better-written than many full-on reviews. Have I mentioned before that you’re good with words? Do those nerd glasses come in pink?

    • Liz!!! Can I just tell you how much this comment made my day??? I’ll give you a hint: it was a lot. I am back from the doctor and feeling slightly sore and cranky and then I see one of my good friends is offering me my most favourite snack! Popcorn and reeses pieces can fix anything and I’m so very happy and excited that you would think of those for me. YUM 🙂

      I’m looking forward to seeing who else we can get to join our little club as well! I’m not sure if Fannie is a night owl but I bet we could convince her to hang out with us for a late night movie-snack-chat night anyway! And of course boys, ahem men, are welcome too. For example, my beloved other-Dave (I really do need to come up with a better nickname then that) has vast movie knowledge (you should hear him quote Zoolander!) and has been known to work long into the night, so I think he’d fit right in!

      Thanks so much for the compliment re: my non-review. Glad you enjoyed! And yes, my nerd glasses absolutely come in pink 🙂

    • Liz – Snacks! Duh, of course, the snacks. Liz you saved the day, um, I mean, night! And you make some pretty mean snacks I bet..you are soooo on snack duty. I’ll bat clean-up to even things out. Mimi makes a great espresso [these things I know] and so we are covered there!

      ps..I was quoting your boozy banana recipe the other day!! . I can’t remember the last time I made banana bread, but, I have to try that recipe.

  3. yay!! i have another awesome tshirt that i’m not allowed to wear to work–my favourite kind 😀
    on the topic of night owls, i noticed that if i start blogging before i get sleepy, the quality gets progressively worse. but, if i start right when i get my second wind, it becomes some of the best writing!

    • LOL. I’m not exactly supporting you as you’re trying to kick your habit here, now am I?! Sorry about that 🙂

      That is so interesting about your writing! Now that you’ve got me thinking about it, I wrote some of my favourite posts – like the Carson Daly WoW reveal – when I should have been sleeping. And I know for a fact that the-Dave-I’ve-Proposed-To (honestly! nicknames! help me!!) does some of his best writing at ridiculous hours too.

      Why do you think that is? Do you suppose we stop overthinking things and just write when we’re tired? And it comes across as more honest or appealing that way? So interesting …

      • i’m not sure at all! i started reading again… like for leisure and i picked up the big short (by michael lewis) again and i’m on the chapter about this doctor turned money manager: mike burry. he did his best ‘blogging’ and thinking about the stock markets during the times of 12 and 3am. there’s got to be something here…. but it’s a fine balance seeing as a lack of sleep seems to get in the way of you know… work.

      • lol! most of the time I feel like it’s the other way around, and work gets in the way of everything ELSE that I want to do! 🙂

        I haven’t read the big short but I do like Michael Lewis – he also wrote The Blind Side, I know … and did he write Moneyball as well?

  4. OMG…Amb! The time I hit the sack early, my night owl ways are highlighted. Of course – that is just how I roll, it seems! Really though, I am a night owl, through and through. I can even show you my membership card 🙂 The t-shirts are 11 kinds of awesome and fit perfectly. I really want one 🙂 And, yes, yes, sleep is most definitely superfluous, especially when there are far more important things to be doing in the wee owlish hours. I am dying to hear your thoughts on Austenland, but I agree with Liz, your non-review is much better than many actual reviews, and the t-shirts more than make up having to wait! xoxo

    • teeheehee! Isn’t that just always the way it goes? Like on the mornings when I wake up before my alarm are the mornings that I don’t have to leave the house early. It figures!

      I am so glad you like the t-shirt and that it fits! Here at Amber’s House of Imaginary Swag, we aim to please 🙂

      I have a lot of thoughts on Austenland, so I’m happy that you’re looking forward to hearing them, because I am definitely looking forward to sharing them! The short version is, I loved the book and I loved loved LOVED that ending! *swoon*

  5. I thought so!! So glad you loved it – I did too..can’t wait to hear more!

    And the t-shirt? It ‘fits’ us all so perfectly, it amazing, we just might be the Sisterhood of the Imaginary Superfluous Swag. Travelling not necessary when imagination is invoked! I mean, right?!


    • right-o! Thanks for volunteering clean-up duty as cleaning is not my friend. Yes to the Virtual Traveling Sisterhood of the Hot Pink Superflous Sleepless Shirts. Also known as VTSotHPSSS. HoPSSS?


        I love that if you tried to say that acronym out loud it sounds all sinister and snake like (all those Ss) but that it actually represents this super fabulous group of folks. That makes it even better! 😀

        And yes, thanks for the clean up Bon! Forgot to mention that earlier. Liz is keeping me organized and on track as usual! Much appreciated (both of you!) 🙂

    • Oh for crying out loud (OFCOL as Shutterbug says when she sends me cute emails, for short) that is the best name of a Sisterhood I have ever heard!! And it’s so US!! Since that was one of the first things we bonded over … aww! Love it!!! ❤

      And you are absolutely right, no travelling needed with our awesome imagination skills! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  6. Love the swag, the snacks and the late night shenanigans! I think Deborah nailed it on the mark. The words seem to flow after that second wind.

    With the time zone differences between us, I could be an early bird and still be a virtual night out. Sounds like a hoot. 😉

    Looking forward to tomorrows post. Glad to know you’re feeling better.

  7. I used to be a huge night owl! No more, I need my sleep and I’m sure it’s because I spend my days sanding all those doors at the RUC. One day soon I’ll get back into the night owlishness 😀

    • Lol! Well, yes, my friend, you do have just one or two small little teeny tiny projects going on at the moment … just little things. No big deal 😀

      How you find time to blog and visit other blogs too is beyond me, but I’m so glad that you do! I always love hearing from you, Dianne 😀

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