Wordful Wednesday for June 19, 2013 !!!

Good morning!! Welcome to a very special edition of Wordful Wednesday!!! You’ve probably already figured out that today’s not an ordinary Wednesday – because you’re all lovely intelligent, intuitive readers, of course – but probably also because of all the exclamation marks.


Thanks to marketplaceweddings.com for the image – there’s no way I could pull off something that delicious!

And the cupcakes.

Ahh, but why all the exclamation marks and cupcakes? That, lovely, intelligent, and intuitive readers of mine, is the question. Are we celebrating the fact that we’re one day closer to my ineluctable victory? Am I feeling sparkly because my amative feelings for Dave are outweighing my emulous ones today?

All of those things are true – and I’d love to hear how you would define those wonderfully wordful words in the comments – but that’s not why we’re celebrating today. We’re celebrating because …

It’s Shutterbug’s birthday today!! Happy Birthday Sis!!!

This same time last year saw a lot going on for our family – some good, some bad, and all of it compressed into a whirlwind few days  – so we couldn’t celebrate in quite the way we wanted to. But that’s all changing this year! Today’s word is convivial: fond of feasting, drinking, and good company.

In other words …

Tonight, my darling Shutterbug, we are going to be convivial! (And maybe tomorrow, too).

Meanwhile, just because I’m going to be enjoying myself for the next couple of days doesn’t mean I’ll be slacking off on the important things around here. Like winning. Come back tomorrow to see my strategy in action, won’t you?

love amb

Courtesy of Dave

Courtesy of Dave

32 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for June 19, 2013 !!!

  1. still up and saw your post come in–happy happy bday to SS 🙂 Cupcakes look fantastic for sure. (any eggs hiding in any of them? like her Easter cupcakes?) What are the plans for the evening?

    Great words, all. Especially like emulous. On that note: love that you’re lying low for a bit on the Dave thing. He’ll probably relax, put his guard down, then WHAMMO. (haha,who says WHAMMO?) Happy Wordful Wed.

    • Still up?!? Liz, if you need coffee this morning, come on by – you know I’ve got lots 😉

      Plans for the evening tonight include ordering in and watching last night’s reveal of the top 20 finalists in so you think you can dance. On top of her many other talents, Shutterbug is also a fabulous (formerly competitive) dancer, so we always love this show. We’ll be going out and being convivial in public tomorrow, I believe. 🙂

      Aren’t they, though? I’m glad you like them – I myself was very happy with today’s selection. I’m also very happy that you used the word WHAMMO to describe my strategy – it’s perfect! Boxing-esque, which should get me some points with you know who, but also very enthusiastic sounding, which is very … me.

      Happy Wednesday to you too!

      • yes please to coffee 🙂 Thanks!

        last night got later than some, what with getting sucked into those movies. Also (the real reason I was up), a client sent more recipes for editing. Working AND watching movies–not a bad gig.

        SS dances (competitively) too? Sheesh. You two are a force. Together you can out-talk, out-write, out-smile, and now out-dance anyone! I pity the fool that decides to go up against you. Are you taking tomorrow off in order to go out convivially in public? Or is that tomorrow eve?

        Glad if you like WHAMMO. Sounds like something Emeril would say. Or Rachel Ray with her talk about EVOO. But if Dave sees it as a boxing reference, all the better.

        Sounds like we’ll need to visit further with Bonnie about establishing a Night Owl club. You can be in charge of t-shirts and I’ll bring the food.

      • Anytime!

        She doesn’t anymore – no time since university. She’s still got the moves though 🙂 Thanks very much for the kind words! I like to think we’re a force too, although I’m just a tad biased. Neither of us are taking the day off tomorrow though, unfortunately.

        WHAMMO totally sounds like something Emeril would say! Especially in all caps like that. Very much his style, lol.

        So glad to hear you’ll be bringing food to the Night Owl club meetings! I’m assuming it will contain chocolate or caffeine or other wonderful wakeful-inducing things? Teehee!

  2. Still up also, and while not emulous of Liz – couldn’t resist a comment before signing off for the night. I love that I get what feels almost like an advance read or midnight premiere of the latest WBS! Happy birthday Shutterbug Sis…have fun celebrating, whatever ineluctable mischief you get into! xo

      • LOL! You two should get matching t-shirts. Actually … allow me. I’ve had practice with the team amber shirt and I have a couple of ideas … stay tuned … 😀

      • Ah…you noticed! So fun! Yes, most definitely a fellow night owl, I just can’t seem to shut down early most nights – not sure which time zone you are in, but glad to have another night owl to hang out with for the midnight premiere’s of WBS and whatever else! 🙂 Hoot!

      • The hours between10 and 1 are Magical in my world. So much gets done when everyone else is asleep 🙂 (and by “so much” I am not referring to housework-would not waste my hours of magic on that) Very excited about those matching t-shirts. Hope they’re really bright so we can see each other even when it’s late at night and the house is dark.

      • I can’t reply in sequence but I am confident of your two brilliant minds to read out of order! Yes, matching t-shirts…awesomesauce! And yes, magic hours and definitely not housework, what a silly thought! I just love the freedom for my mind to roam, or not, to veg, or not. To read or not…you get it! 🙂

    • Bon! I love you so much right now I can’t even tell you!! (Not that I don’t love you all the time, but you know what I mean) I get the biggest smile on my face when other folks use my Wednesday words! Yay!!!

      Also get the biggest smile on my face at the thought of you having an “advance midnight screening” – if anyone deserves a special sneak peek it’s you my friend, since you’ve been right here with me for this entire year!! xo.

      • Amb! I love you too and yes, totally get ya dear! 🙂 Well, you pick the best words my Superfluous friend! How could I let those cool words not get a little more attention, and as you know, word nerds must band together! I love the midnight premiere [see what I’ve done there…movie reference,ah!] sneak peaks! xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Shutterbug Sis!!! Have fun and we expect a full report (ok, a full report minus anything that is best left in the recesses of your memory)..:-)

    • Teeheehee. Why Mimi, I can’t imagine what you could possibly mean! A full report you shall have.

      Seriously. We all know that my embarrassing moments make the best blog posts! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ve passed that along – she’s thrilled everyone here is being so lovely. I told her to get used to it. I have the best readers in the history of readers 🙂

      I could go for a cupcake myself … luckily it’s almost lunchtime here in Corporate World 😉

  4. Gotta love exclamation marks. And gotta love new words: ineluctable, amative and emulous. The last two my spell check in my browser doesn’t even recognize. To me, that’s awesome (to break the spell check, that is)!!!

    • Right?!!!! Aren’t they awesome?!!!!! (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself).

      I love breaking the spellcheck, too. I do it all the time when I’m blogging, since WordPress doesn’t recognize my (our) Canadian ways and thinks I use an excessive amount of “u”s 🙂

    • Thank you Fannie! I’m sure we will 😀

      Don’t they just look delicious?! I’m not sure what we’re doing for dinner tonight, but I do hope there will be large quantities of butter and sugar involved! I shall do careful and thorough research on the matter and report back to you tomorrow.

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  6. I love that you would dedicate a post, a photo and a Wordful Wednesday to your sister!!!
    I have seen some of the photos of your family celebrations…you certainly are a convivial family!! Celebrate on!

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