Sunshine and Cupcakes and Unicorns, oh my!

Good morning! You’re looking fabulous this morning, I have to tell you. Come on in; pull up a chair. Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea?? Me???

I’m being facetious; obviously that last menu item is only available by special request for Dave (and Ryanand Nathanand Matt …)What I can offer you, fabulous-looking readers of mine, is a spot on my team. But more on that in a moment. First, a note about today’s post topic.

Since it’s Tuesday, and since we’re already more than halfway through the month, we’d normally be spending our time together today talking about the latest book in my “13 in ’13 Reading Challenge”. However, since Dave threw down the Gosling-shaped-gauntlet yesterday, we need to take a little break in our regularly scheduled programming for me to properly respond.

Now, you might be thinking that I ought to accomplish both of these goals at once. But amb! you might be thinking, the next book up for review is “Austenland” and, really, if you can’t make some valid “Dave as Darcy” arguments at this stage, then you’re not the girl I thought you were!

No, fabulous readers, I am exactly the girl you think I am; I could make “Dave as Darcy” arguments in my sleep. Which is why I’m saving that for later in the week, when I’ll be working from home after a morning doctor’s appointment.* Today, meanwhile, we have very important things to talk about.

Like why you need to be on Team Amber for the rest of this week-long challenge.

Aside from the satisfaction you’ll get from being a part of the winning team (which, really, is a reward all its own) you’ll also get

Some really awesome Imaginary Team Amber swag!

We’ve got buttons …

team amb button 1

“some of my best friends are fictional characters” – the team amber motto, of course.

The exclamation marks are the OTHER team amber motto, of course.

The exclamation marks are the OTHER team amber motto, of course.

… and we’ve got t-shirts!

team amb t shirt

The “where happiness comes from” team amber swag shirt. Sunshine and cupcakes and unicorns – is this me, or what? Thanks to the folks at for the design inspiration!

Now, you might be thinking that although the Imaginary Swag is about seven kinds of awesome, I really ought to properly respond to Neuroscience Carlson over there. But amb! you might be thinking, free Imaginary Swag is about seven kinds of awesome, but really, if you can’t come up with a personalized internet meme then you’re not the girl I thought you were!

No, fabulous readers, I am exactly the girl you think I am; of course I have a personalized internet meme for Dave! Featuring the equivalent of his very own Ryan Gosling. This may come as a shock to most of you, but I’m not Dave’s only Imaginary Girlfriend. I happen to know there are a few other names on the list along with yours truly, and I happen to know that a certain Ukrainian actress, supermodel, and singer is at the top of it.

So, sugar, I see your special edition “Hey Girl” meme, and raise you …

Milla Jovovich

The lovely and multi-talented Milla Jovovich … talking about me, of course.

Thanks for coming to play today, everybody! (You too, Dave). Your buttons and t-shirts are in the mail. Come back tomorrow for a very special edition of Wordful Wednesday … we won’t be talking about who you think we’ll be talking about, I promise.

love amb

* I swear that isn’t a sympathy ploy to get you on my team – I really do have a procedure scheduled for Thursday. No need to worry though – it’s a regular thing that happens every few months in my world, and I’ll be back to my usual flibbertigibbity self by Friday!




I can't overcome the power of Milla, but I tried with this one. - Dave

I can’t overcome the power of Milla, but I tried with this one. – Dave

46 thoughts on “Sunshine and Cupcakes and Unicorns, oh my!

  1. You might be painting yourself into a corner, amb. You’re working up to a Darcy comparison in a matter of days, but you haven’t seen the BBC version with Colin Firth as Darcy. You, of all people!

    This may necessitate some binge viewing.

    It’s worth it. It’s for Dave!

    • (Personally, I think Dave’s more of a Henry Tilney than a Darcy. And BTW, Henry Tilney is my favorite Austenian male character, with the possible exception of Mr. Bennett.)

      • I adore Mr. Bennett. I talked about him when I reviewed P&P last year:

        As for Henry Tilney, I must confess that I haven’t read Northanger Abbey. It’s on the e-reader and everything, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I know, I know! I’m losing cool points with you, here.

        However, after consulting my sources, (ie Wikipedia) it appears that Tilney is indeed a good fit for Dave, since he’s “sarcastic, intuitive, and clever, given to witticisms and light flirtations” which sounds about right to me. Well played!

      • Yeah, but you aren’t much like Catherine Moreland (the Northanger Abbey babe) at all; though she has ambish charm, she’s an airhead (I hasten to add, a very appealing airhead). You aren’t a good fit for any extant Austen heroine, to be honest. You got the Elizabeth Bennett vivaciousness to be sure, but she’s also got bite, whereas you’re kind of like her sister Jane, believing all good things about everybody. You got some Marianneish tendencies vis a vis passion, but you don’t have the self-wounding martyr aspect. Sorry, Austen just didn’t invent get around to your character type. It had to wait a couple hundred years to spring into existence.

    • Lol! Yes, poor me, forced to watch that scene where Colin emerges from the pond, dripping wet, white shirt clinging to his muscular frame … all in the name of research. Honestly. The things that I put myself through for Dave.

      • whoa. i have to admit, i got a bit lost in the whole conversation there but this last comment just… caught my attention… hello colin firth!

  2. It’s on! Still can’t take sides (Dave’s kind of my BoFN boss in a way. Yours too, though you are obviously a more troublesome employee than I 😉 ), though you having swag does make Team amb more appealing. I’m pretty sure Milla Jovovich was absolutely referring to your blog when she said all that.

    Since it IS Tuesday, what is your latest read? (You’ll love mine: Sinister Sprinkles. heehe. A whodunit AND donut recipes.)

    Carry on, amb. You’re doing great work here.

    • Holy bananas Liz, you’re right! He is kind of my boss … which kind of (ok, totally) makes me the quirky employee who never follows the rules but is a beloved member of the team anyway, because she’s just that good. I’m totally Annie Walker from Covert Affairs! Or Abby Siuto from NCIS. But Annie has better hair 😉

      Your latest book sounds AWESOME. Author, please? I’ve finished Austenland and am working my way through Love 2.0 at the moment. Very interesting!

      Thanks very much for the support! You know I love seeing you here, even if you’re not officially taking sides 😀

      • it’s book 3 in the Donut Hart series and you have the spreadsheet 😉 Seems I’m behind. Still to read: Evil Eclairs, Tragic Toppings, Killer Crullers, Drop Dead chocolate, Powdered Peril, and Illegally Iced. Holy cow–what names.

        Do we call you quirky (probably) or unable to rein in her love of all things mischief (for sure)? Yes to beloved (not the movie, we’re talking personality trait) and being that good. And whoever you align yourself with, she has great hair for sure. Nope, still not taking sides 😉

      • Those names are amazing!! I love them all, but Tragic Toppings and Powdered Peril might be my favourites.

        Liz, you say such nice things, you can call me whatever you want! 🙂

      • I’ve got my hands full at my place. I had to handle three complaints by myself against myself only yesterday. And that was before lunch.

      • LOL! So I shouldn’t mention that my ex and I also met at work, then? And that, technically, I was working for him at the time?

        Don’t worry Diddy, I promise I’m not a walking HR violation all the time … we didn’t start dating until he transferred to another department. 😉

      • wow–you do have a tough gig, wdydfae. Hoping the compensation makes it worth it. Know that amb really isn’t all that much trouble. She looks out for herself pretty well. And the rest of the team? Pffff…we’re angels 🙂 (that’s the impression we give anyway, as we know to keep quiet about any and all breaking of the rules)

      • Compensation?!? Don’t even get me started on that one.

        It’s a horrible place to work. A hostile, absolutely toxic work environment.

        I’d quit tomorrow, but I keep withholding my paycheck from myself.

      • Will you two do a guest post for me someday? Pretty please?! With a cherry on top?!? I could read your banter all day!

      • Gosh. (Gulp.) A guest post at WBS. Gee. I . . . I don’t think I’m ready for that. I . . . just. I mean . . . This is WBS we’re talking about!

        Plus, I’m trying to figure out the logistics of doing banter in a post. It would take days to coordinate, and then it wouldn’t be banter anymore.

        (As a side note, you really have to be careful about using expressions like “with a cherry on top” around Liz. Sure, you’re being figurative, but she takes those food references very, very seriously.)

      • Don’t be nervous! I don’t bite (unless you bring snacks). As for the logistics, if you two do decide you’re up for it, I can help you work those out. I am all over banter-ish posts like cherries on a sundae 🙂

      • are you talking Bing cherry? dried cherry? maraschino? (that would be most likely considering the context), Michigan? canned for pie filling? brandied? (yes, please). Please be more specific, amb. (kidding, just kidding. am not THAT obsessed 😉 )

      • You also have to say “bannnnterrrr” really clearly or Liz going to think you said “batter,” and then she’ll start talking about banana pancakes and blueberry waffles and stuff like that.

        I neglected to mention this because it wasn’t Movie Monday, but . . .

        How come when my life is like a movie with Milla Jovovich in it, it’s one of those Resident Evil movies?

      • LOL!! And what, my friend, is wrong with talking about banana pancakes and blueberry waffles? 😉 Actually, true story, Liz and I had an entire banana pancake conversation over on facebook not too long ago.

        Speaking of which, have you liked the DeLizious fb page yet? Or mine too, for that matter?! Get on that, man – you’re missing out on more opportunities for “bannnnnnterrrrr” !!!

      • and PS: Dave would tell you that having your life as a movie with Milla Jovovich in it would be a very good thing, Resident Evil zombies or not. (He watches those movies for the plot. Yes. That’s it. Plot).

        Snark aside, I’d agree with him – Milla is awesome, and I’d take having her in my life any way she decided to show up. Even if the zombies were part of the deal!

  3. Love the swag, especially the t-shirt.

    While I don’t plan on officially taking sides, you do realize that Dave is getting to rest up for the next round (had to throw in the boxing reference).

    • Why thank you. I thought Milla was appropriate. And – I even used a boxing reference when I replied to Fannie’s comment, and I didn’t google it or anything! You’re welcome, xo.

    • teehee! Yes! I love your unicorn!!

      And man, I won’t even tell you how long I spent on the threadless site last night. Their stuff is so awesome! And the $10 sale is on all week! So … tempted … to shop …

      • right? dave and i (the other dave) spend some work days on there checking out t’s. i got one for andrew (that dave wasn’t allowed to get b/c of you know who) and dave’s totally jelly about it.
        and don’t worry, i’m equally tempted but am constantly reminded of how people at work dont’ take threadless t’s very seriously and i probably should work on my image some more seeing as i was wearing these threadless t’s for several fridays in a row…

      • Lol! I knew who you meant. This could get confusing, though … we’ll have to come up with some sort of naming system. Something that’s a little easier to follow than “the Dave I’ve proposed to” and “the Dave who’s already married” Teeheehee.

        Don’t you just love that the universe keeps sending me Daves? Forget the unicorns, I should put THAT on a t-shirt! 😉

        Which tshirt did you get for Andrew? I bet it was a great one …

        I know what you mean. If I got a threadless t (or 2, or 6) they’d have to be weekend only …

      • yea totally. b/c now i’m confused sometimes.

        i agree! i think it’s more appropriate given the circumstances.

        the tshirt name is “rock out with your cock out”. for serious. it’s pretty witty–very dave. and equally andrew… ok, he gave me a disapproving look of “you’re such a pervert”. but it’s it’s so clever! he couldn’t deny it once he saw it.

        ok… so don’t tell anyone but if you decide to pick up a few, let me know. there are proabbly a few i could piggy back your shipping 😀

      • this is what I’m saying. I need to come up with something more clever than “the one with a kid” and “the one without a kid”. They both deserve better! Will have to think about this one …

        LOL. I remember that shirt! I think we’ve talked about it before. Do they make iPhone cases, too? I seem to remember that was part of the conversation …

        Oooh, good plan. I like the way your mind works! I’ll keep you posted, for SURE.

  4. For a fellow word-nerd, I have no words. So, can I just have that coffee you offered earlier? Thanks! 🙂 Seriously, well played and well done! The unicorn just about made me spit out the aforementioned coffee! The week is still young but I have utmost confidence in where I have placed my wager. Steady on Amb…and the swag is perfection! xo

    • Of course you can! Coffee is always in plentiful supply around here.

      Thanks for the encouragement! I thought it was rather well played of me too, but who are we kidding, I’m a little biased in this whole thing. 😉 Still, if I were Dave I’d be feeling like I met my match …

      PS I love that unicorn too. It cracks me up, and I’ve been looking at it for days now! I particularly like how “bacon” gets its own special mention in the happiness equation …

      • I don’t know Dave, but I’d say he’s met his match! I love how bacon rules the horn, it surely deserves it’s own spot on the happiness equation – bacon makes everything better. My kiddo’s baseball team was sponsored this year by a local restaurant called Bacon & Butter. I have yet to eat there, I am afraid… 🙂

        You offer coffee, I offer encouragement, tho none is needed. I wish I could say the same about the coffee! Rock on my uber-cool-totally-gonna-win friend! xo

  5. Great pic! Love also the statement. Very strong. Very true! This is a great place for everyone to come and chat. Love the fact you’re treating your blog more as a drop-in than anything else. I always feel at home here! 🙂

    • I agree! She’s truly her own woman, our Milla. I can’t even be jealous of her for taking the top spot on Dave’s list, because I think she’s just awesome. She even does humanitarian work – love it when folks use their celebrity status to shed light on worthy causes!

      I’m so glad you feel at home here, Jack! That’s the vibe I’m going for. And you know I’m always happy to see you when you have the time to drop by!

    • Isn’t it just the greatest?! I’m sorely tempted to buy the actual, real life version of the tshirt, even if it wouldn’t say “amber’s blog” on it …

      Thank you very much! Everything should go according to plan. Its just like when I had a dentist appointment a few weeks ago – whining about it here makes it easier to handle 😉

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