Make That 11 Things …

This breaking news update is coming to you live from my lunch break in Corporate World.

Dave has responded to Day One of the extended challenge by channeling my beloved Ryan Gosling. Look what was waiting for me over at The Blog of Funny Names this morning:


See, I told you this was going to be a fun week. How am I going to top this, you ask? (And top it I will …) Come back tomorrow to find out!


love amb





Yes, Amb, how are you going to top THIS? I ask... - Dave

Yes, Amb, but how are you going to top THIS, I ask… – Dave


16 thoughts on “Make That 11 Things …

  1. pssshh. you’ll top that no problems. his choice in font contrast with respect to the object/background (a great red shirt) leaves much to be desired. i found the type too dark against the photo. you’ll top that by refining your image (or whatever you so choose) with the appropriate colour contrasts. afterall, most guys think there’s only 1 shade of red.

  2. Top Ten Examples from the Dogpile of Romantic Declarations Guys Have Made to Amb That Demonstrate Why She Chose Dave Instead

    10) Organizes a flash mob in your company lobby that sings and dances to Debby Boone’s “You Light Up My Life.”

    9) Look, Amb! I can pick up paper clips with my nose! Isn’t that neat?

    8) Look Amb! I filmed myself eating a bucket of pomegranates and I put it up on Youtube. And best of all, I did it for you!

    7) I named my favorite My Little Pony after you! Actually, I named all the other ones after you, too. Did I show you a picture of my collection yet?

    6) Hey, Girl. You are Lady to my Tramp.

    5) Hey, Girl. The word for my Wednesday is discombobulate. Because . . . because you diss my combobulate? Or something like that. Whatever! You know what I mean!

    4) Brain surgeons are dorks, and they get yucky brain stuff of their hands. I’m in Neurology. Neurologists rock, because we got a lot of nerve! Hyuk hyuk.

    3) Did you ever see Jersey Girl? You are Liv Tyler to my Ben Afleck!

    2) Organizes a flash mob outside your office window that dances to Michael Jackson’s “Ben.”

    And best/worst of all . . .

    1) Hires a skywriter to write “AMB IS SWEET!” but it’s really windy that day and half the letters dissolve by the time the skywriter finishes, so it ends up saying something like “NPISRRTI”.

    • Oh, my. This list is outstanding. “You Light Up My Life” is totally stuck in my head now, and I don’t even care.

      And I love Jersey Girl. And pomegranates. Have no frame of reference for that paper clip thing, though. I just … that’s … I’ve got nothing.

      • You know how it’s a bad joke when people have to explain it?

        I’m taking it one level down, because now I have to explain why the joke isn’t funny!

        I always like to break new ground, though!

      • Bahahaha. I think you were thinking of Gili. That’s the other Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez movie, the one that didn’t have George Carlin in it.

        I can’t hate Jersey Girl! George Carlin’s in it! 🙂

      • Hey, I seriously considered Gigli. But I didn’t see it, and the synopsis made it out to be some kind of crime movie.

        Jersey Girl is on many people’s worst movies list, though I personally didn’t think it was all that horribly bad. Was George Carlin in it? Who was he?

      • He was Ben Affleck’s grandfather. Because, you know, that’s a believable pairing.

        Actually, I didn’t even care. I was just so happy to see him on screen!

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