Wordful Wednesday for June 12, 2013: The Much Ado Edition!

Good morning, and welcome to a very special edition of Wordful Wednesday! Our Much Ado week is in full swing, and we’re continuing our look at some of the themes in Joss Whedon’s latest film. Considering how much I’ve been talking about a movie that I haven’t even seen yet, I’m sure you all saw this one coming: today’s theme is:


This is a major buzzword for sure, since it motivates Don John, the “Big Bad” of our play, and drives the entire plot to ruin poor Hero. Aside from its deliciously melodramatic nature (just try to say the word “obsession” out loud without sounding like a character in a soap opera. Go ahead. I’ll wait.) what I like best about this theme is that it’s all tangled up with other emotions, like pride and resentment and love. It’s messy and complicated and deep and rich – just like real life. I’m telling you guys, they just don’t write rom coms like this anymore!

Today’s word covers that delectable tangle: intertex: to interweave; to intertwine together

In other words …

When Harry Met Sally

Just think: if things were easy for Harry and Sally, we wouldn’t have such an awesome a movie!

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that all of the best love stories are the intertexed ones. Simple can be sweet, but oh, this is so much better!

What do you think? Are love stories better when they’re layered, or does that only slow you down and keep you from getting to the good stuff? Share which side you’re on in the Comments!

PS: For today’s Dave-mention, obviously, he and I have an interexed, layered and complicated story, separated as we are by forces beyond our control – like geography and a difference of opinion on caffeinated beverages.Β 

love amb

32 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for June 12, 2013: The Much Ado Edition!

  1. intertex, huh? Is that just a relationship word or does it hold for knitting, weaving, etc? (no sarcasm–really want to know) Dave just doesn’t stand a chance this week. Almost feel sorry for him. (almost)

    Funny but was just contemplating “obsession” this morning as I thought through what I want to write up on food for fun next. Occurred to me my blog is an extension of my obsessions. Do you think this is universal? Are all bloggers obsessed souls who need yet another outlet for the object(s) of their obsession? Deep thoughts.

    Another enjoyable episode of Much. Ado. About. Nothing. Week. Happy Wednesday!

    • Good morning Liz! First of all, can I just tell you how happy I am that you’re still speaking to me despite the fact that I still haven’t hit “send” on my now novel-length email? It’s coming, I swear!

      I think intertex also covers knitting, weaving etc – the definition I found simply lists it as “to intertwine” which would certainly apply! It’s a fun one to say, for sure.

      I love that you’ve also been pondering “obsession” lately. I don’t know about all bloggers, but speaking for myself, I can definitely say that yes, my blog is another outlet for my obsessive, pop-culture loving soul πŸ™‚ I suspect that’s the case for a lot of us, at least to some degree – there has to be at least a little bit of obsession there to motivate us to keep writing, don’t you think? Love your deep thoughts! πŸ™‚

      I’m so glad you liked today’s post, it was a fun one for me too. Happy Wednesday to you as well, my friend!

      • hey–no pressure on the email. and the longer better. Off to be obsessive as I take my brandy-roasted bananas out of the oven. Flavors and ingredients can intertex, too, then. So much to learn here!

    • i’d say that obsession is a very apt reason to describe why many bloggers blog! my word clouds are dominated by words like “equestrian” (check), “photography” (check), “travel” (check!). all things that have NOTHING to do with my day job… hahaha

      • Bahaha! Yup, that sounds about right to me too – the most common tags on my posts are “humour” “language” “crushes” and “cute boys”. Clearly, nothing whatsoever to do with working in the sales support department of a major telecommunications company! πŸ˜‰

        (Also, I’m clearly actually a 16 year old high schooler … so mature. *facepalm*)

      • of course it does! as a sales support department individual:
        – humour helps people understand and accept your message.
        – language is critical in communicating your message–specifically effective and clear language
        – crushes… well we all have to have something to keep us going to get through the days (and sometimes weekends…)
        – cute boys. have you seen some of the suits that strut around? doesn’t matter if nothing intelligent comes out of their mouth–they’re cute… in suits.

      • I heart you so much right now, I can’t even.

        Never mind my love for Dave, you’re the one who truly gets me! (Sorry babe, but it’s true. Deb was here first).

        I’m printing this and hanging it up at my desk. πŸ˜€

    • Yes!! I agree with you times, like, a million, Princess. Katharine Hepburn is one of my favourite actresses of all time, and she’s anything but simple. Oooh, that makes me think of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, another complicated one that is just divine! Such messy, emotional goodness!! And it would’ve been totally ruined if anyone tried to dumb it down.

    • i agree with you too, chagrinnamontoast (i hope i spelled that right)! without the complexity in a story, there’s almost very little that the masses can identify with and be drawn into the story with. i mean isn’t that the objective about stories: to appeal to the masses and speak to them on some level?

      • ooh, I like that! You raise an interesting point, my friend – I think that a lot of folks in the entertainment industry make the mistake of dumbing things down to try and appeal to a mass audience. How else can we explain the popularity of “Honey Boo Boo”?!? They don’t give the audience enough credit, and fail to realize that we actually want something we can identify with, and sink our teeth into a little bit. Complexity for the win! πŸ˜€

      • definitely. i think that the best stories have been the ones where there is a continuum of “involvement” from the audience.

  2. Good word!

    Yeah, I’ll put my money down on intertwined intertexing interwoven and interleaved as being the more romantically INTEResting.

    One of my favorites was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Now that’s what I call intertexed! But not too many people I know share my preference for that flick! It is kind of dark, though I thought it ended on a hopeful note.

    • Oooh, well played. More INTEResting, indeed πŸ˜‰

      I love Eternal Sunshine! One of my favourite Jim Carrey roles ever, actually. So nice to see him really act – I thought he was wonderful in this one.

      And I find the whole idea of manipulating memories and perception to be fascinating. In a way, I think this flick is kind of a precursor to “Inception” … and with more emotional weight to it, besides. I care a lot more about Joel and Clem than I do about Cobb, you know?

      • more violence than necessary in Inception was my thought, though I’m a girl so… Enjoyed it just the same. What about Memento? Scared the bejeezus out of me, but loved it. Seems I’ll take more cr@p from a movie than a book.

    • I loved that movie, WDYFAE–the best movies make you think and that one had me thinking a lot. And enjoying. Am sure there are more than just us three that like. Yes, talk about intertexedness. (making that one up)

      • πŸ˜‰

        PS: Grateful Dead was playing on Songza this morning and I totally thought of you! Ripple. Good track.

      • Cool! Thanks! That’s on American Beauty, which I got a couple of weeks ago. It’s my first actual personally owned Grateful Dead album. (In the past I just picked up the Dead by osmosis, though I went to about 4 Dead concerts.)

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  4. I think the best love stories are layered. It’s great when they come from divergent backgrounds, families of diverse means and the lovers hit it off in a slow and tempered pace. I like that. I also like the heartbreakers. You know the ones, the girl falls in love with the guy and has to decide if she want to follow her dream or go with the guy.Or how about the guy falls in love with the girl, but has to decide if he wants to move to where she lives because he’s from the U.S. and she’s from France. Or something like that. I’m sure you get the picture. πŸ™‚

    • Yes! Divergent backgrounds always make things interesting. Your recent post on Rose from Titanic comes to mind πŸ™‚ And oh, the heartbreakers. The heartbreakers!! I love them all. So much more satisfying when there are obstacles to be overcome and tough decisions to be made. *swoon*

  5. First of all, what a great word. On a separate note, I thought I’d left a comment yesterday and thought it was weird not to hear from you.

    When I check back today, I see that not even my original “like” stuck. Looks like I will need some word glue. πŸ™‚

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