Who’s The Porcupine In This Pine Tree? Me, That’s Who

Yes, you read that right. Today I feel like a porcupine in a pine tree.

I had intended to tell you all about this fabulous new holiday children’s book that I saw over the weekend – ok, so reading it won’t count toward my “12 in ’12 Reading Challenge, but it is so stinking cute that you won’t even mind – and instead, all I feel like telling you about is how much I relate to the main character.

Who is a porcupine.

In a pine tree.

Yes, I’m feeling a wee bit prickly today. Corporate World had better watch out!

A Porcupine in a Pine Tree

Check me out.
I’m in a pine tree.
And I’m prickly.

I suppose it’s part of the natural progression of things, considering what’s been going on, and I suppose it’s better than feeling deplanated  … but you guys know me! You know how I HATE feeling prickly!

Anyway … While I’m waiting for this feeling to pass (and trying not to hang up on anyone at the office) I’ll watch this video. I highly recommend it if you’re feeling a little prickly, yourself. Or even if you’re not!

love amb

7 thoughts on “Who’s The Porcupine In This Pine Tree? Me, That’s Who

  1. Cute video awww you’re prickly Amb? 😦 I must admit I’m tad like that at the moment with this job!!!! Hope you get overcome your prickliness and come back all luvey and smoooth once more. 🙂 xx

  2. So reblogging!! Cause it’s cute and Canadian!
    I’m sorry you feel prickly Amb,,,I hope you get back on that horse again soon. You should try the Match.com,,,I signed up Sun,,,and I am talking now to a great guy,,,(hope I didn’t just jinx myself)!

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