The Superfluous Olympics: Closing Ceremonies

Shutterbug Sis provided this amazing picture – though she wasn’t in London to take it herself, unfortunately. I believe the photo credit goes to Pinterest…

The Superfluous Olympics are coming to a close today, but before we get to our medal ceremony, can I just say…

Thank you all so much for playing!

Man, that was fun. You guys are awesome! And hilarious. And hilariously awesome.

You know I love each of you to pieces, but I think we all want to see who ended up on the podium with bragging rights, don’t we? So without further ado, here are the results from Round Two of your favourite Olympic event and mine… Swedish Athlete or Ikea Furniture?

Team Sweden:

Hakan Dahlby: Swedish athlete or Ikea furniture?  – Swedish athlete –

Team China:

Siu Mai: Chinese athlete or dim sum?                         – Dim Sum –

Team Mexico:

Yahil Castillo: Mexican athlete or tequila?                  – Mexican athlete –

The winners of this round are:  Bonnie at The PaperKeeper and Dave “The Punisher” Carlson.

I can only hope that the nickname Dave put on his entry form for this round is a wrestling reference I don’t know about, and not a thinly veiled indication of how he feels about being mentioned on this blog oh, about a billion times in the past two weeks. Don’t worry Dave – Bonnie is quickly moving up the ranks as the object of my blog-affection and I’m sure your name will show up here less frequently going forward.

But not today!

Because, Mr. Carlson, as the only competitor to get a perfect score in both rounds, you are the Gold Medal Winner!

Also scoring a perfect 5/5 in the first, longer and more challenging round, Anita, you are the Silver Medal Winner!

And finally, with a perfect score of 3/3 in round two, my beloved Bonnie, you are the Bronze Medal Winner!

Congratulations to all of our winners! Regardless of how you feel about public displays of blog-love, my darlings, please send me an email at, or a Facebook message, with your shipping details so that I can send YOU your medals! (Hint: they’re not actually medals. I’m just saying).

Of course, as we all know from watching the Olympic coverage over the past two weeks, stupendous individual victories like the ones we see above aren’t achieved in isolation; no, true athletes have the support of entire communities behind them. Which is where the rest of you all come in! I’ve mentioned that you’re all hilariously awesome, right? Check out some of the amazing answers that came in from the Olympic Athletes Class of 2012: The Yearbook Edition game:

James Honeybone (fencing, Great Britain) was voted Most Likely to Be…

…a high school teacher with a short fuse

Andrea St Bernard (taekwondo, Grenada) was voted Most Likely to Be…

…selling cars

Colin Oates (judo, Great Britain) was voted Most Likely to Be…

...Tribute Band founder for Hall & Oates            

…a revival band member            

…a Maneater

A Maneater!! Get it?!? Hall and Oates…Maneater…oh, my. You guys crack me up.

And, finally, because I know these questions are keeping you up at night, I present:

The Time Trials Lightening Trivia Round: Results!

How many days does the Olympic Torch relay last?


What Olympic event begins when a jury director says, “En Garde!”

Which sport uses the terms Rudolph, Fliffus and Barani?


Thank you, Dave, (that’s the last time, I swear) for your answer to #3: Reindeer dressage Made me laugh and gave me a great idea for an item on a future Christmas Countdown!

Well, that about wraps it up. Personal DJ and friend extraordinaire Andrew has helped me craft another really fun playlist for you all, but I’m going to save that for next Friday, as there’s a neat story behind it and I imagine you’re all sick of hearing me talk by now.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

Now this photo really WAS snapped by Shutterbug Sis, when she was in London a few months ago. Gorgeous, right?!?

12 thoughts on “The Superfluous Olympics: Closing Ceremonies

  1. A gold medal! That’s awesome. Thank you so much! I don’t think I’ve ever won a gold medal in anything, let alone something requiring actual skill.

    I’m glad you liked “Maneater” and “Reindeer dressage”. The dim sum one was basically a lucky guess… I could have gone either way on that one. But a win is a win, I suppose! Thanks for giving me so many chances to shine lately 🙂 It’s a nice escape from the exhausting grind of med school apps.

    And just for the record, have I ever, ever, even once, complained about the publicity????

    I didn’t think so.

    P.S. “The Punisher” is/was the nickname of boxer Paul Williams, who had a legendary series of bouts with the extremely, extremely swoon-worthy Sergio Martinez, and then was tragically paralyzed from the waist down earlier this year due to a motorcycle accident. The worst part of it is that he’s only 30, and he was about two months away from headlining the first pay-per-view bout of his career. When I heard about his accident, I felt really gutted for probably a whole week. Arto can back me up on this. I guess I put in that name so that “The Punisher” lives on.

    That’ll have to do for now. I pulled an all-nighter in the lab last night so my brain has a foot in bed already. You know things have gotten bad when a neuroscientist can’t come up with an appropriate brain analogy….

    Thanks again for the gold medal! That’s sweet! It’ll go in my imaginary mental trophy case!

    • I should have known that “Maneater” was from you! Classic. I’m glad to give you a bit of a break from the grind – since you have me cracking up on a regular basis while I’m stuck here in Corporate World, it’s the least I can do. I’m also glad you haven’t minded the publicity, though I am going to be spreading the blog-love starting next week! Should be fun.

      Can totally see why you’d be gutted to hear about Paul Williams. That’s just tragic. Maybe he’ll become a force to be reckoned with in the Paralympics?

      Get some rest and send shipping info when you’re brain’s back up and running. Your “medal” is just something small, but it’s fun!

  2. I’m speechless! Good thing medal winners who stand on the podium only have to sing [lip sync?] if their own national anthem is played. I get to stand her and just have a silly grin spread out on my face from ear to shining ear. I love that I am in such talented, witty company, it makes me only want to get back to training and improve my game! I learned something about Bronze Medal winners recently that I will now have to share at some point, because now I know from experience that it’s true 🙂 Thank you Amb – you are awesome, and not just because you gave me a medal! 🙂

    • Wow, if you’re speechless I must have done something right Bonnie! Since you have such a wonderful way with words 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the Superfluous Olympics, it was a pleasure to have you amongst our competitors! And now I’m curious to know what it is you’ve learned about bronze medals…be sure to let me know if/when it gets posted to your blog, and I’ll come check it out.

      PS Just got your address – thank you! I’ll let you know when your “medal” is in the mail. It’s just something fun, but it’s a token of my appreciation for all you bring to the blog-verse! xo

  3. You do something right all the time! 🙂 I will post it when I can wake my brain up – was a snippet relayed to me from a story heard on NPR – going to see if I can find it so I get it right! Glad you got my addy – I will keep my eyes open! xo – happy Friday!

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