I Have Olympic Fever! (Though it Might Be My Sinuses)

Olympic fever continues here at Words Become Superfluous! As promised, I have a new round of games for you today. I can’t promise they’ll be all that coherent, since I’m still mainlining Buckley’s Cold & Sinus, but I’ll do my best to keep things simple…for both our sakes.

First up, we have another edition of the popular Swedish Athlete … or Ikea Furniture?

Anita and Dave are in the starting blocks in the coveted lane 1 and 2 spots, having earned a perfect score in the last round, but the field is wide open and this is anyone’s game! As before, you must choose if each name belongs to an Olympic athlete or some other object. No points are being awarded for artistic merit in this round (Arto, I’m looking at you) but those of you who are so inclined will have a chance to flex your creative muscles in the next event. Here we go!

For those of you who’d prefer not to be tied down by silly little things like facts, I’m happy to present our next game:

Olympic Athletes Class of 2012: The Yearbook Edition

Here’s your chance to control the sporting universe and choose new destinies for  our Olympic athletes. You already know Arto aka “Sweet Licks” thinks that MJ Gentry should be a country and western guitar player, but what about these athletes? If they had to give up their day jobs, what would you vote them “Most Likely to Become”?

Am I missing any great career options for other athletes? Let me know in the comments!

And finally, I present,

The Time Trials: Lightening Trivia Round

This one is pretty self explanatory… click here to play! Good luck!

Thanks for playing everyone! Our medal ceremony will be held on Friday… in the meantime, come see my competitive streak continue with tomorrow’s Wordful Wednesday!

14 thoughts on “I Have Olympic Fever! (Though it Might Be My Sinuses)

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  2. Ooh, I step outside for a day or two and almost miss out on all the fun. I couldn’t resist selecting dim sum because I’m hungry, so hopefully things don’t get too awkward as they did last time around. I do love a nice shot of Yahil Castillo down my throat too. (That’ll come back to bite me again, won’t it?)—-ah well, can’t resist a bit of innuendo.

    • Arto! You’ve been missed. You’re forgiven for being away though, since I know you’ve been busy being awesome. (I’ve been listening to the blues all day here in Corporate World thanks to your recent FN post). And you know how I love a good bit of innuendo!

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