Happy Happy Happy…

Happy 100th Post Day!

Thanks for coming! I’m so glad you could make it. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Today marks the grand finale of the 100th-Post-a-Palooza Countdown here at Words Become Superfluous.

Welcome to the party.

In my mind, there are three key elements to hosting a successful party.

The first is the company. According to Emily Post, when planning a shindig, “a group of people who are congenial to one another is of first importance”. She also says that you must have a “hostess of charm”, but since I don’t think charming hostesses use words like “shindig”, we’ll let that one go. But a group of congenial people? Well that, my friends, is something we have in spades! And I’d like to get the party started by giving shout outs to a few of them in particular:

Nikki, Kori and L&L: are the most frequent commenters on this blog. Their support made me feel at home from the very first moment I came into the blog-world. Thanks ladies! I’m looking forward to continuing our conversations across the next one hundred posts!

Alexandria, Bumba and Bonnie: inspired me to try new authors and helped to create what feels like my very own virtual book club. My “Words on a Bookshelf” page is starting to look very impressive thanks to these three!

Lill and Jill: gave me my very first blog award. With it came the confidence that somewhere, someone was reading what I had to say…and actually liking it!

Angie Z.:   provided me with a hilarious first guest post and the notion that you can actually make friends with the writers you admire.

The second is the conversation: Now that you’ve been introduced to a few of the guests, let’s move on to some party chatter, shall we? I find that current events always make for excellent conversation starters. For example: Did you hear about the Swedish Athlete or Ikea Furniture”event that was hosted here recently? Would you be interested in learning the results? Of course you would! Here they are:

Team Sweden: Mysa Stra…Athlete’s name or Ikea furniture? … Ikea furniture

Team Canada: M.J Gentry…Athlete’s name or country music band? … Athlete’s name

Team GB: Scot Brash …Athlete’s name or British slang? … Athlete’s name

Team Japan: Hiyashi Chuka …Athlete’s name or noodle dish? … noodle dish

Team Sweden: Minna Telde …Athlete’s name or Ikea furniture? … Athlete’s name

Congratulations to Anita and Dave “The Inevitable” Carlson, who each scored a perfect 5/5! This party has some serious brain-power!

The third is some well chosen tunes: Back by popular demand, Andrew has helped me put together the perfect 1970s celebratory mix. So let’s take a trip back through time…

…and party!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone… and cheers to the next 100!

23 thoughts on “Happy Happy Happy…

  1. Hey Amber!! Thanks for the shout out and for inviting me to the party! I don’t comment on that many blogs, but you have a very effective way of engaging your readers, and making them feel part of the conversation. That is a MAD skill my friend!!! Here’s to the next 100 fab-u-lous posts!!! 😀

  2. AWESOME!! Congrats to you…you leave Emily Post in dust;, fabulous par-tay, and I feel so honored to be on the guest list! I’ll buy the next round of drinks 🙂 I am so glad to have connected here…and looking forward to sharing the road to the next 100 steps in this amazing blogging experience! Thanks so much for the shout out, and I love that it’s for the bookshelf! xo

    • Thank you Bonnie! I must admit, I’m particularly proud of the decorations…I had way too much fun figuring out how to get sparkles and streamers all over this blog. So glad you enjoyed the party, and I will happily accept the next round of drinks on you 🙂 Can’t wait to see how our bookshelves look another 100 posts from now. Cheers!

  3. Congrats on numero 100! I’m trying to figure out whether I’ll have the Time Warp or Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough stuck in my head for the next 24 hours…

    P.S. Arto’s claiming that he chose the funniest answer and that’s why he didn’t get a 5/5. I’m not so sure…

    • Thank you! Though I really don’t feel a day over 99…
      I’ve been rocking out to MJ all day! Made for a couple awkward moments on some conference calls, but I figure people need more good music in their lives anyway, right?
      PS: Sure, Arto aka “Sweet Licks” is funny…but perfection? Not quite.
      PS2: Can we make that nickname happen?

  4. You really know how to make a woman feel welcome, Amber! Rich Girl? For realz, yo? Hall and Oates are my FAV! I came *this close* to going to their concert in my city last year. I hate myself for not going. Why didn’t I go? I will regret it forever.

    Thank you for the kind shout-out. And I had the best time guest posting here. You are the hostess with the mostess.

    Cheers to another 100 posts!

  5. Hey Amber,,thanx for the shout out. Your blog is so super awesome and I look forward to reading something new and funny everyday. Keep it up and try not to melt in this freaking humidity 🙂

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