Welcome to My 100th Post-a-Palooza Party!

Welcome! I’m so glad you could make it – today marks the kick-off for my 100th Post-a-Palooza party! After all, why celebrate an event on a single day , when you can celebrate with an entire countdown’s worth of days instead?!? That’s my philosophy, anyway. But if you’ve visited here before, then you probably already knew that.

For those of you keeping score at home, today marks post number ninety-six. That means that I’ll officially be hitting the big 1-0-0 this Friday…so we’re going to be having a party all week!

Starting with today. I think that, as we approach this milestone in our relationship, there are some things that you deserve to know about me. So, for our inaugural event, I proudly present:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Amber (But Were Afraid to Ask)

What’s the story with your gravatar? You’re not actually Ingrid Bergman, are you?

Sadly, no. I am a great admirer of Ingrid’s statuesque figure and lovely blonde locks, but I myself am her polar opposite: a tiny brunette. Seriously; pocket-sized. 5’2″ with shoes on. However, since Ingrid’s fabulous quotation is the inspiration for both my blog’s name and overall focus, she seemed like an appropriate way to represent myself throughout my little corner of the internet.

You talk about Corporate World in pretty broad terms; what is it that you do for a living?

I am part of the Direct Sales Support and Employee Engagement team for one of Canada’s “Big Three” telecommunications companies. This means that if you live in Canada and you have a cell phone, then you probably have a one in three shot at guessing where I work. It also means that it’s my job to make sure our sales force has all of the information they need to do their jobs, from details on product pricing to updates about local employee events.  Needless to say, Corporate World keeps me pretty busy!

Do you like living the Corporate Life in Toronto? For someone who spends so much time talking about music, tv, and all things cultural, you sound like you should be out in California!

My dirty little secret is that, as much as Corporate World wears me out, I’m grateful for the opportunities it provides. I have my own place (also pocket-sized) in a fabulous neighbourhood, and I’m able to volunteer my time with the National Ballet of Canada and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. If I moved out to the West Coast, my culture-vulture tendencies may be satisfied, but there are a lot of other things I would miss. Not the least of which would be Shutterbug Sis and my parents, who are all here as well!

I know he shows up a lot around here; I’m sorry. I’m working on cutting back!

Can you explain the appeal of all those boys with guitars? I do apologize for my constant references to the boys with guitars; I know that not all of you are of the female persuasion and/or likely to appreciate them the way I do. I am making a concentrated effort to cut back, though. All I can tell you is, it’s usually a boy’s brain that first attracts me to him. If he’s intelligent and passionate about the subjects he cares about, like, say, Mr. Mraz is about the environment, I’m in. And if he happens to play the guitar, like Mr. Mraz does, just as a totally random example, well, then, that’s just the icing on top of the witty, articulate cake!

Where do you see yourself in the next 100 posts?  Hopefully, right here with all of you! And there you have it. Your complete guide to all things Amb. If you have any other burning questions that weren’t covered here, by all means leave them in the Comments! And the fun continues here tomorrow with #97 of our 100th Post-a-Palooza. Hope to see you there!

9 thoughts on “Welcome to My 100th Post-a-Palooza Party!

  1. I just hit 100 today without really realizing it. Boo! I love the way you are celebrating it…cheers! And I don’t know why, but it’s fun to know you are pocket sized…I am your opposite…almost 6′ but also brunette 🙂 Rock on – enjoy the week and I’ll be here for the party!

    • Congratulations on your own 100! I was just visiting your blog, I’ll have to head back over 🙂

      Almost 6’…how awesome! That means you can wear all kinds of gorgeous prints that would swallow me whole!

      My size is just one of those things that just makes people giggle…myself included! Today someone in Corporate World told me, “My daughter would just love your dress…she’s 16” and I cracked up all over the hallway. LOL

      Glad to hear it! We’re going to have all kinds of fun

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