Reason #237 Why I Love All Y’all


You guys.

I know I’ve said that already but I can’t help it – I’m just a big melted puddle of warm and gooey cyber-love today.

(Of course, the humidity here in Toronto may also have something to do with it. My goodness. For all my moaning about Corporate World, I sure am grateful that it’s air conditioned!)

But today’s post isn’t about me (or about how my hair is handling this weather – don’t ask). It’s about you, and how much I love all y’all. A great big nostalgia-tinted

thank you!

to everyone who came by yesterday to read Angie’s guest post. I had such a ball reading all your comments, and I so appreciate you sharing your memories with me and everyone here!

Please do stop by the Other People’s Words page today, as it’s been updated with some of our new visitors’ awesomeness.

And speaking of awesomeness, I can’t sign off on today’s post without giving a special shout out to Koco and Dave and the boys.

Now these guys knew their way around an evil plot or two…

“Shout out” is actually code for “bribe” – since they’ve both been kind enough to nominate me for blog awards recently, my evil genius plan is obviously working!*

Koco: my “7 Things” post will be coming next week. Dave: *swoon*

* For tips on how actual, civilized bloggers behave, check out this great post from Go Jules Go. Girl knows her bloggetiquette!

8 thoughts on “Reason #237 Why I Love All Y’all

  1. Amber! Thank you so much for the shout-out! This post is a very fine display of your own bodacious* bloggetiquette!

    *don’t you think it’s time we bring this one back?

    • It’s my pleasure Jules! Thanks for the delicious tips (and bacon photos!)

      And yes, we should most DEFINITELY bring bodacious back! 🙂

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